Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Writing Prompt Wednesday

Its WEDNESDAY and you know that that means. This is a bit of a piratey themed Wednesday (although, to me this story doesn't have to be about pirates-- but that's the beauty of a writing prompt, all the different avenues it lends you). Hope this helps inspire you!

No, she thought as she watched the waves beat at the shore. She wrapped her arms around her legs, trying to make herself smaller-- warmer. She stared out at the foreign beach and wondered how she had managed to arrive at this point. She shivered.

I shall dive into the sea, that's the only answer. She cursed herself for not being a more accomplished swimmer. While he focused on his treasures I'll escape. She watched wave after wave break upon the sand, numbed by their consistency. After this next wave breaks, I'll go. She unhinged her long legs and stretched her arms.

A large boot landed between her legs, rooting her to the spot.

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