Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back by Popular Demand-- It's Writing Prompt Wednesday!

So last week I experimented with Writing Prompt Wednesday, and much to my surprise it was a success! I've actually gotten several emails asking me what my next prompt will be and offering suggestions. So, I'm opening up the floodgates and encouraging you to email ( in your Writing Prompt Wednesday suggestions. I ask for original prompts only (ie: not something you read in a book) and that you give me your name/alias so that I can give you credit if your suggestion if chosen.

For me, writing prompts are always something I over hear, or over think (one of my many flaws), or just find (as if by magic), which turn into a kernel of a story someplace in my brain...I hope this prompt has the same effect on you!

Without further delay, here is our writing prompt submitted anonymously by a reader:

"No," she said. She stopped and spun, her eyes again full of the anger he
had seen in them earlier, but this time directed at him. "No," she repeated,
"you can't have it both ways.

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